September 15, 2018

Welcome to my Website!

by Liam Fruzyna

I am Liam Fruzyna, a recent graduate of Computer Science and Data Science at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. I grew up just 90 minutes south in Suburban Chicago, where I am now working as an Embedded Software Engineer at Motorola Solutions. The bulk of my experience has been in Java, Javascript, and Python, however, at my job I am using C++ and Python and I have also done work in C, Arm, and a few other languages.

In my spare time, I volunteer with my high school’s robotics team, FRC Team 111 WildStang. There I am a software sub-team mentor; I help teach programming to students and guide them in developing software for their robot. I also have an array of side projects which can by found on my GitHub profile.

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